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Our Story (Read This First!): Leonard R Terry was awarded a United States Patent on March 18, 2003 (Patent #6,532,710 B2) based on an innovative construction system technology. This was accomplished after investing ten years and significant infusion of capital for research and development.  He by that point in time in his career had accumulated over 30 years of professional experience in the construction industry which prepared him to thoroughly understand all facets of the construction process.  A degreed business major from Penn State University, Mr Terry’s approach was to intellectually dissect and examine all means, methods and materials used in the construction industry in America.  Mr. Terry frequently reviewed his hypotheses with dozens of professional engineers and highly seasoned residential and commercial builders during the development process. This pursuit of creating the most cost effective, sustainable, eco-friendly and protective (from winds, fire, termites, structural and mold damage) system possible with heavy considerations of parameters of economic feasibility paid off! The results have proven to be no less than staggering:  a building envelope that incorporates very familiar materials but assembled in such a way as to create design flexibility, massive energy efficiency, extreme wind resistance, wood destroying insect resistance, mold and mildew resistance and fire resistance:  Keeping within cost competitiveness in the construction market place. The facts are clear and undeniable: if energy savings, lower insurance premiums and lower maintenance were factored into the cost of construction, our system would be much less than any method of construction!



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Home of the  greenest, most energy efficient,  eco-friendly, strongest, sustainable, healthiest and economically efficient, concrete construction  system  in  the world and the only answer to MCS Patient's complete cure!

Our focus is not only on green building materials and building green, but on sustainable energy, sustainability, green building, green power credits, leed points and MCS Building solutions.

Present  Day  Green  Building Standards are designed to maximize energy  efficiency, minimize indoor air pollution and reduce the overall carbon footprint. The Omnicrete System not only meets these standards, it far exceeds them.

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