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Omnicrete Development, Inc. - The premier in Construction Technology - Protection without Sacrifice .

Featuring an Energy efficient, Green, Sustainable, maximum leed points, mcs health home Building Technology

This patented residential and commercial construction technology far exceeds benefits of other standard (block and wood) and non-standard (ICF, tilt wall, and all formed & poured configurations) construction methods.

We MARKET our patented construction technology through:

  1. Builders ("mouseover" for more information).
  2. Omnicrete Residential Distributors ("mouseover" for more information).
  3. International Green Building Group, Inc. (IGBG).
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FEATURES of Our Construction System Include:

  1. MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) health home.
  2. Energy efficiency - the highest in the industry.
  3. Energy efficient materials and process through out.
  4. Energy efficient home science applied in process development.
  5. Green Building sciences applied in every aspect of our system.
  6. Green Construction principles adhered to in every aspect.
  7. Green Homes technolgy in every possible way.
  8. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) compliant.
  9. LEED Certification as high as LEED Platinum Certification with ease.
  10. LEEDS Certiication in Commercial - No added construction cost.
  11. What is LEED? See our Q&A section.
  12. What is LEED Certification? See our Q&A section.
  13. USGBC (US Green Building Council) standards followed.
  14. Sustainability focus in materials and means and methods on site.
  15. Sustainable design applied to every building design.
Building APPLICATIONS of Our System Include:
  1. Single and Multi-Family Residential.
  2. Single Story to High-Rise Commercial (hotels, office, shopping centers, etc).
  3. MCS Specialized Indoor Clean Air Health Home.

to prospective Clients

Would you willingly and willfully risk the loss of $50,000 or more and at the same time place the very lives of you and your family at risk of tragedy? Sound crazy…think again: people unwittingly do it every day. Discover the mind blowing facts.

to prospective builders / distributors

Would you willingly and willfully and in a clear conscience, offer your clients deadly construction products and at the same time cost yourself hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars annual income potential? Sounds crazy…think again: builders do it every day. Discover the mind blowing facts.

the choice is clear

The choice is yours: risk the loss of well over $50,000 or millions if you are a builder by doing what is “popular” OR protect the well-being of your family and build with our amazing protective and energy saving construction system.

Yes! You got it…Spend less on your home, get more: that is not something the “other guy would do”! Be the first to discover us and set a new paradigm, one that costs less and saves energy and the environment, makes Green Building, LEED and LEED Certification available to you at little to no additional costs.


Omnicrete has the only completely healthy indoor environment to allow MCS Patients to completely cure. This has created a mega market for Omnicrete to pursue. Annual expenditures for health care and lost productivity due to MCS are estimated at $71.8 billion dollars per year. This number does not take into account the cost for workers compensation lawsuits and disability claims. There are 48 million Americans who suffer some sort of multiple chemical sensitivity. These people cannot go into shopping centers because of exposures to perfumes and other VOC's. Although they can maintain employment, they suffer barriers and health related issues resulting in a reduced quality of life. The prevalence rate for the 48 million Americans experiencing chemical sensitivities is about 16% and would equate to 16% of the total population of the industrialized nations. People with severe MCS are viewed as the "Canaries in the Coal mine and unless changes are brought to construction industry it is anticipated that this illness is just the tip of the iceberg. Many of the cases of MCS are a result of "sick building syndrome" and hence OMNICRETE was brought about to address this problem.

Who We Are

We are the patent holders of a revolutionary construction technique marketed as “Omnicrete” with a belief that "out of unity comes infinite diversity and abundance".

Omnicrete is a patented construction process that is an environmentally friendly, “green”, sustainable, residential and commercial building process with attributes that are unique and far superior to any other building system.  This process solves multiple existing building issues and concerns simultaneously. This construction process implements Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) as a “stay-in-place” forming system into its design creating a center core which is later filled with standard concrete creating an engineered system approach to a tri-wall construction system. Two moisture barriers are strategically placed within the center core prior to the placement of concrete which creates a moisture barrier yielding an exponential increase in energy efficiency and completely irradiates any possibility of mold and mildew forming inside the dwelling.

The reduction of energy consumption of this patented system has been documented to be over 78%.  It is a given fact that as worldwide non-renewable energy costs continue to increase and the availability of renewable clean energy sources become increasing scarce, it is expected that the Global demand for Omnicrete will be forever increasing.  Omnicrete’s “competitors” will try to match the demand for energy savings, but their construction cost will skyrocket utilizing the standard traditional methods.  The current market has shown property values are on a downward trend due to short sales.  Omnicrete has a documented savings of over 78%; and added protection from fire, insects, mold, mildew, moisture, and withstands sustained winds in excess of 300 MPH not to mention that the indoor air quality is the cleanest of any system.  It is quite conceivable that Omnicrete could be influential in values rising again due to what the end product provides.  One can only assume that a properly funded Omnicrete marketing plan will significantly gain rapid market traction and become the world leader as never before seen from any construction method.  OCD will continue to market the unique patented construction process at multiple levels in several possible profit centers as strategy dictates.

Our Story – Please Read this First

Leonard R Terry was awarded a United States Patent on March 18, 2003 (Patent #6,532,710 B2) based on an innovative construction system technology. This was accomplished after investing ten years and significant infusion of capital for research and development. He by that point in time in his career had accumulated over 30 years of professional experience in the construction industry which prepared him to thoroughly understand all facets of the construction process. A degreed business major from Penn State University, Mr Terry’s approach was to intellectually dissect and examine all means, methods and materials used in the construction industry in America. Mr. Terry frequently reviewed his hypotheses with dozens of professional engineers and highly seasoned residential and commercial builders during the development process. This pursuit of creating the most cost effective, sustainable, eco-friendly and protective (from winds, fire, termites, structural and mold damage) system possible with heavy considerations of parameters of economic feasibility paid off! The results have proven to be no less than staggering: a building envelope that incorporates very familiar materials but assembled in such a way as to create design flexibility, massive energy efficiency, extreme wind resistance, wood destroying insect resistance, mold and mildew resistance and fire resistance: Keeping within cost competitiveness in the construction market place. The facts are clear and undeniable: when energy savings, lower insurance premiums and lower maintenance were factored into the cost of construction, our system would be much less than any method of construction!

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Who Build STANDARD Residential and Commercial Projects – We construct the building shell then the builder completes the project.

Who Build SPECIALIZED LEED Residential and Commercial Projects where their clients are seeking LEED Certification. LEED is an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Enviornmental Design – We construct the building shell then the builder completes the project. Omnicrete assures strict adherence to specific guidelines of the LEED Certification being sought throughout the entire project.

Our Distributor builds entire residential project, including the shell of the building.
We build the shell of the project and they complete the shell by hiring subcontractors and directly purchasing materials to complete the shell with guidance from us.